Lync Server simple URLs

15 September 2010

When you setup the topology for your Lync deployment you need to setup 3 simple URL’s. These URLs are used for administration, dial-in and Meet

The administration URL you keep within your internal network but the Meet and dial-in are required internally and externally. By default these are set to and


This may not seem to be a problem however if you have multiple SIP domains the number of SAN’s you require can become quite costly. A simple solution to these simple URL’s is to change them to use the same sub-domain for example and


Using this format halves the number of SAN’s required at the expense of slightly lengthening the actual URL.

The other consideration is that these URL’s expect you to have split brain DNS as there is no external/internal option for defining these. However if you don’t have split brain DNS the request can route externally and the meeting GRUU that is returned enables you to connect either directly internally or externally.

Wave 14 Official Name and Release Candidate Available for Download

13 September 2010

After months of talking about Wave 14 and CS2010 the product has finally been given its official name ready for release. We now have Microsoft Lync Server 2010. The full rebranding is as follows


If you want to try out the Release Candidate then you can download everything you need from here

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about the new functionality.

Wave 14 OCS functionality

31 March 2010

A very interesting article on Adam’s UC Blog. As part of VoiceCon 2010 PBX vendors were asked to respond to hypothetical RFP. Microsoft was chosen as the winning vendor and their response can be downloaded from here. The responses indicate some of the feature we can expect with Wave 14

I won’t repeat Adam’s excellent interpretation of the features that can be assumed from RFP response as you can read it here.

Some of the features may not make it to the final product and it is obviously not a comprehensive list of features just possibilities from the RFP but it does give a good insight into what we can expect.

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