Disable the CX700 (Tanjay) Inactivity Phone Lock

1 May 2010

Recently I have been asked about how to stop the Polycom CX700 from automatically locking after the default 10 minute period of inactivity. This is particularly important where the phone is in a shared area and therefore you do not want the people to have to key in the pin code before being able to dial.

Fortunately this is easy to do. On the Pool Front End properties go to the Voice tab. Here you can untick the Enforce phone lock or alternatively change the timeout period and PIN length (note that the shortest pin allowed is 4 digits).


The only caveat with this change is that it is now no longer possible to even lock the phone manual either from the phone or if you have the USB connection then locking your PC will no longer lock the phone. If you need to secure your phone when you are away you will now need to sign out of the CX700.

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