What sort of Certificate Authority am I running?

15 April 2010

One of the requirements when setting up OCS with RCC for the Avaya PBX is you need to have a Enterprise CA running on Windows 2003 Enterprise or 2008 Enterprise.

Quite often I find if the customer isn’t using the CA extensively in their environment they are not sure how the CA was installed.

An easy way to tell is to run certutil –cainfo from the command line and you can ask the customer to run this in advance of arriving on site. You can see below the output for a rootCA



OCS2007R2 Supported on Windows 2008R2

31 March 2010


Microsoft had scheduled support for OCS on Windows 2008R2 in 1Q2010. On the last day of the quarter we finally have confirmation of support.

There are a few still a few issues, Group Chat support being the main one.

Support is also only for new installations of Windows 2008 R2 you cannot upgrade an existing OCS 2007R2 system.

Two knowledge base articles have been released

When you upgrade a domain controller to Windows 2008 R2 x64 OCS does not function correctly. To fix this you need to rerun the ForestPrep.  Full details are in this knowledge base article 982020

For full details and the process required to install and prepare Windows 2008R2 for OCS look at the knowledge base article 982021

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