TechEd 2010 Wave 14 Presentations

The presentations from the sessions from the New Orleans TechED have been about for a while but as I couldn’t find my notes on them when I thought I’d do a blog entry on them.

CS“14”: Transforming the Way People Communicate

CS“14”: What’s New in Communicator

CS“14”: Architecture

CS“14”: Voice Architecture and Planning for High Availability

CS“14”: Network Considerations

CS“14”: Voice Deployment

CS“14”: What’s New in Conferencing Experience and Backend

CS“14”: Management Experience

CS"14”: Interoperability: Voice, Video, Conferencing, IM and Presence

CS“14”: Monitoring and Reporting

CS“14”: Setup and Deployment

CS“14”: What’s New in Devices

CS“14”: Building Communications Enabled Business Processes

CS“14”: SDK: Integrating, Extending and Adding Contextual Data to the New Communicator Experience

CS“14”: Advanced SIP-Based Solutions Built on the Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 3.0 & Microsoft Communications Server “14”

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